Privacy in Banking

Protecting Public Trust in Banks

Banks and other major businesses are facing organized cyber-crime. Public trust in banks depends on their ability to fight cyber crime and prevent privacy breaches. Banks also need to ensure compliance with regulatory obligations. Privacy in Design helps banking clients to achieve their goals and meet public expectations economically and effectively.

Managing privacy compliance

Privacy in Design privacy consultants are capable of developing, implementing and administering all aspects of a Privacy Compliance Program. We perform duties associated with consumer privacy protection rules mandated by the Gram-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA).
We have experience managing notice requirements and disclosures of personal data to affiliates and non-affiliated third parties. We can also supplement your expertise on safeguarding customer information.

Supporting your team

Privacy in Design consultants can support your Chief Compliance Officer, senior management and staff by identifying emerging privacy issues and helping you to establish controls to mitigate risks. We can help Chief Compliance Officers to integrate privacy smoothly and efficiently into business activities by providing leadership, training and supervision.

Meeting cyber crime challenges

Highly skilled cyber criminals can potentially transfer millions of dollars within seconds to different accounts and move money across jurisdictions and borders with a few strokes of a keyboard. Holding data for ransom is becoming a trend. Several cities and organizations have decided to pay the ransom for fear of going bankrupt. Privacy in Design has experience with business impact assessments, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions.

Meeting rising privacy expectations

Privacy in Design can help banks to implement tools and technologies that provide compliance assurance and risk mitigation, and support responses to consumer complaints. By outsourcing privacy requirements to Privacy in Design, banks can maintain costs while meeting legislative obligations and responding to public concerns.

Banks are experiencing increasing regulatory scrutiny and will need to meet high standards for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation. Privacy in Design is there to help.